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Mag. Daniela Walser


I am very happy to have found a way to turn my lifestyle, my passion and my talent into my career. Balanced diet, relaxation, exercise and Yoga are what makes me feel comfortable in my skin on a daily basis.


My second Training: :

Some time ago, I decided to quit my job as a business economist and to make my passion for healthy eating and physical and mental well-being my new profession. Finally, my life in Hawaii triggered this lifestyle change.


Living and Learning in Hawaii and Bali::

I gained so much from the beauty of Hawaii and the islanders' lifestyle based on satisfaction and relaxation, that I decided to start with my new educations there. This new path that I took led me from Hawaii to Indonesia and finally back to Austria. My way  I am always happy to incorporate these collected experiences into my work and pass them on to the people here in Austria.

Detailed and personal stories about my life in Hawaii and my trip to Bali can be found under "Blog".


  • Certified Yoga teacher

  • Certified Relaxation teacher

  • Certified Nutrition teacher

  • Workshops and seminars:  Burnout Prevention


                                            Core Fit (specific spine training)

  • Massage:  Advanced Bodywork and Massage Practitioner

                      Thai Yoga Massage

                      Hawaiin Lomi Lomi Massage

  • Studies in business economics (degree in 2002)




Daniela Walser

For any questions please call me or write me an e-mail: +43 (0)660 5548099,

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