Easygoing YOGA - what is it and why everyone should practice it

February 2016


Easygoing Yoga is the best way to drop stress from your body and mind, and to improve your overall wellbeing … which is the basis for weight loss.


We all know that burning calories and restrictive diets don't work. We all know that obesity is one of our biggest health tragedy right now and in our future. Every year new diets come out, which promise to work miracles, but at the same time every year obesity increases.

And why?





First aggressive exercise triggers a stress response in most of us that makes unhealthy weight gain even more likely. And second diets ignore a cause that happens even before our food choices. They ignore our mind and our stress level. From feeling stressed, we fight a battle against our own internal chemistry to find our ideal weight. It's a battle we will always lose.


So what I found out in the last years by doing Yoga myself and by talking to a lot of people doing easygoing Yoga is, that everyone has found their own ideal body weight. Easygoing Yoga helps reducing stress, calms our mind and that way we are able to hear and feel our bodies again. Now we have a new starting point. Just from here, we can make choices that help us feel good. From here, we become our own best health care providers.


The first step you have to do if you want to loose weight is, listen to and feel your body again. So start doing easygoing Yoga.



To move your tense body from one into another rigid pose, is not easygoing Yoga and simply doesn't feel good.


When I talk to people about Yoga I hear very often, "I can`t do Yoga, I am not flexible enough", "Yoga is nothing for me, every pose is painful", etc. That is exactly the reason, why I talk about easygoing Yoga.


Yoga needs to drop its own stress and it is not about forcing, struggling and pushing yourself to make correct shapes with your body. With this way of practice, we're just bathing our bodies in stress hormones, which doesn't lead to anything good. But this rigid pose-oriented practice of Yoga has become widespread in the last years, and is globally spreading our problems with stress. With that way of practice we turn the healing power of Yoga into a stress-inducing activity.


I am a rebel against that and fortunately, we can practice in a different way … in an easygoing way. One that is completely normal and makes you feel good. Sometimes when I teach Yoga, my clients ask me "Am I doing it right, because this pose doesn`t hurt?" My answer is yes, we can choose to move easily through everything, without pushing or struggling. That way we choose letting stress go rather than escalate.

"Slow down, soften, close your eyes and move how it feels great for you. Move with ease!"


When we practice Yoga in that easygoing way, we drop the stress and begin to heal.

Just in an relaxed state we are able to create a strong, balanced and healthy body and mind. We achieve a hormonal state where we want to spend most of our time because it is central to our overall health and wellbeing.


It is all about sensitizing ourselves again, our body and our mind. Health is in us! By sensitizing, we find what we have, which is everything we need.

My purpose as a Yoga & Relaxation teacher and as well as a Nutritionist is to inspire you to do easygoing Yoga, to relax and to move with ease.


So move on to practice!


Easygoing Yoga is for everyone, no matter if you are old, young, thick, thin, a man, a woman, ...

Text: Daniela Walser

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