Bali & Lonely Islands

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Happiness, gratitude, contentment, time for the beautiful things in life, ...

Bali & Lonely Islands

Pura Vida Costa Rica

January 2017

Since I am back from Costa Rica, I feel so incredibly alive. So why, what happend? 

Easygoing Yoga

Easygoing YOGA –  what is it and why everyone should practice it

February 2016


Easygoing Yoga is the best way to drop stress from your body and mind, and to improve your overall wellbeing … which is the basis for weight loss ...

Bali & Lonely Islands

The spirit of Bali & Lonley Islands – and what I learned about myself and life in the last month

January 2016


During my stay in Bali & Lombok I realized again, why I love it so much to visit other countries in the world and learn about different cultures. ...

Changes in life - Hawaii changed my whole life

November 2014


When I came back from one year in paradise I started to go back to my old life in Innsbruck. I found a good job again ...

Aloha State
Hawaii - the Aloha State

November 2014


Aloha is the spiritual key and signifies the sentiments of affection, sympathy, kindness and love. And this is exactly what you can feel everywhere in Hawaii. ...