Energy Yoga (Hatha Yoga)

Fascia Yoga / Yin Yoga (streching)

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YOGA  –  creating union between body, mind and spirit  (Individual unit 60 minutes / group unit 90 minutes *)



Relaxation  –  source of new energy & power  (Individual unit 60 minutes / group unit 60 minutes *)

with elements of autogenous training / mental training / meditation

Breathing training

Progressive Muscle Relaxation according to E. Jacobson

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Nutrition  –  the way to a healthy, balanced diet

first consultation, 60 minutes

Nutrition talk , 60 minutes

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Personal Training  (Combination of Nutrition -, Relaxation Training & Yoga, individually tailored to your needs & goals)




first consultation (first acquaintance, all information about the Personal Training)

Personal Training, 60 minutes

Personal Training (block of 10)

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Yoga Position 5

* Group unit: ideal for a Relaxation or Yoga workout at lunchtime in the company or right after work