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ORF broadcasts "bewusst gesund" (Videolinks)
ORF - presenter Alice Tumler

"Morning relaxation program above the rooftops of Vienna ... what better way to start the day and to successfully master the next two weeks until the Euro Vision Song Contest."


"Thanks to my relaxation Coach Daniela Walser for her great support and preparation for the Euro Vision Song Contest!"

Employee of an IT - company in Innsbruck

"The relaxation program during the lunch break is reducing existing physical and emotional tension, thus preventing the emergence of stress. You can recharge your batteries and afterwards your required capability to concentrate is heightened. I think that it is ideal that the training with Daniela is carried out on the company premises."




"Through this channel, I want to thank you again for the great relaxation program! I've already been to a number of relaxation trainings with you and was not only able to insert them into my daily work life but also do I enjoy every single training again and again... I can only recommend them, you are totally relaxed and refreshed afterwards. It has also been very efficient against my back pain and tension. Thank you so much, I'll definitely come back again."

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